Yuval Adam

Migrating DNS From GoDaddy to Route 53

I just finished migrating all our DNS records from our current registrar, GoDaddy, to Amazon’s Route53 service. The immediate trigger is Amazon’s newly-added support for elastic load balancing with zone apex support - which basically allows for CNAME records on root domains (example.com). It also allows for better, more robust DNS serving, and the ability to programatically update DNS records.

The process is relatively simple. The first thing to do is sign up for the Route53 service. It costs $1/month plus a $0.5/1M queries. Now, Route53 does not have an official GUI. Programatically, I use the excellent boto library (Python). For a nice web-based GUI, there are many options, but my favorite is Interstate53.

After choosing your method of choice, you should first create a hosting zone for your domain with Route53. After that, simply start creating all the records for the domain.

Once you have that down it’s time to migrate the DNS nameservers. GoDaddy, as always, has a horrible way of doing things, but this article should help you through it. Make sure to remove all GoDaddy namesevers (*.domaincontrol.com), and add the 4 nameservers you got from Amazon.

That’s it. DNS propagation should take up to 48 hours. Make sure you keep all existing records until you’ve verified the new Route53 records are working properly.