Yuval Adam

GCJ 2011 - Round 1A Review

Round 1A of Google Code Jam went horribly bad. It was scheduled for 4:00-6:30 AM local time, and I was busy that weekend night. I barely got an hour of sleep before the round, and when I woke up I just couldn’t think straight.

Nevermind that the problem set was very difficult - for the first two hours there was a confusing problem description on one of the problems - but I couldn’t even work out the solution for the easiest problem.

I knew I can’t finish the round like this, and decided to retire to sleep just a little after 5AM. Fortunately, Round 1 still has two more sub-rounds that I can qualify in, 1B and 1C. I’ll mentally prepare to kick ass on Round 1B which should be much more comfortable, in terms of timing.