Yuval Adam

Foaming at the Mouth

“…social-network systems are very good at introducing us to people we already know, letting us communicate very well ‘in our own little online dialect with our friends of our friends in a tightly knit bundle’, but not at ‘stretching’ our ability to meet new people.”

Out of context, that sounds exactly like what I was talking about at Startup Weekend 2011. But those aren’t my words. This is a quote from Tim Berners- Lee, the guy who fucking invented the World Wide Web. Coming from him, this reassures my assertion that something is wrong with what the web has today.

“'How do we build the web so that every now and then it introduces us to people who are not friends of friends?‘ he wondered, calling for people to 'make use of the web so it connects people together… and breaks down barriers more than it builds them up.’"

When I think of the perfect WWW - this is what I have in mind.